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Whole30 Meal Prep

The countdown to #SeptemberWhole30 has begun!!!  Are you ready? I am getting exciting.  I know that sounds weird, but since this will be my 3rd round I know how amazing I will feel!  Yes, eating clean takes a lot of planning and food prep.  So let’s talk about how I plan and prep. First I make my meal plan a…


Whole30 Tips

Hello and Happy Weekend!  I am gearing up for my 3rd round of Whole30 and thought I would share some tips, tricks, and prep ideas. First thing…READ about Whole30 HERE.  Make sure you print the following documents: The Whole30 Shopping List The Whole30 Common Additives Cheat-Sheet The Whole30 Meal Template The Whole30 Guide to Grocery Shopping The Whole30 Seasonal Produce…


Whole30 Hashbrowns

Hello Readers!  I have been working on some new recipes and am posting one of my favorites today!!  Whole30 hashbrowns!!!  Who doesn’t love hashbrowns?!? (Fine china there!!) I am gearing up for the September Whole30.  Therefore, I have been working hard on new Whole30 recipes, meal prep, meal plans and much more!  I plan to take you along on my…