Journey to Food Freedom!!


I have been hearing all about Paleo and Whole30. At first I thought “oh, it’s just another fad diet” and/or “You probably have to join and then pay a membership”. After doing some research and talking to folks that are eating Paleo; I have found that it is not a diet at all. Instead it is simply a way of eating. Similar to exercise…there isn’t just one way to exercise. You can choose the way in which you want to exercise (Yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, Spin, Barre, etc.). We also have a choice to make about the way in which we eat. Some people only eat the foods they like and/or eat them cooked the method in which they prefer. While others choose to let their way of eating be determined by local restaurants. I believe I have fallen into both of these categories (sometimes simultaneously). When I cook I make only what I know we (my family) like and the way we like it. Otherwise, we would just go out to eat and let someone else do the cooking (and cleaning up). I have tried many of the diets out there and have found that as soon as I label the way in which I am eating a “diet” it almost becomes a competition within myself. One so fierce that if I eat even the smallest item not allowed it feels like I have been stamped with failure. Well that is one of the things I like about Paleo, yes there are items that you should not eat; however, it is totally geared to what works for you. Some people can eat cheese and it doesn’t bother their stomach (affectionately referred to as their “gut” in Paleo speak). The idea is to spend several weeks (30 days) on the Whole 30 plan. Then after you have detoxed from all the processed foods, sugar, dairy, preservatives, empty carbs, and legumes you simply decide what you want to try and add back in (one item at a time) to see how your gut reacts. Then you know what foods your body can handle. So after much research and saving recipes, I decided to jump in! So I headed off for a day of “window shopping” at local stores to see what items I could buy at which stores. After all, you can’t just buy ghee, coconut oil, coconut aminos or raw honey anywhere. So I bought some of the basics and load up on organic fruits and veggies, found grass fed beef, organic chicken, and even sugar free bacon.

I started my first round of Whole30 September 2016. I joined a group of friend on facebook and we all did it together (couldn’t have survived without it). The process showed me some pretty disturbing facts about the foods I had been eating. PEOPLE, there is sugar in EVERYTHING!!! My problem has never been that I don’t like healthy food, my problem is that I love ALL food!! I love to bake especially. I started a binder of recipes and went out and purchased a few new kitchen tools. (new kitchen tools always make me want to cook). It was not as hard as I thought, the choice I made to eat healthy did have some side effects. These are some of the side effects:

Weight Loss, No More Heartburn, Better Sleep, More Energy, Less Anxiety, Clearer Skin, Less Brain Fog, and Healthier Hair

I think we can agree, most of us would see these as results not side effects!

I have always enjoyed trying new things (food, hobbies, etc) So, with all the success I was having on my Whole30 journey, I turned it into a Whole78. I lost a total of 30 pounds in those 78 days!!! It was amazing and I felt so much better. I took the month of December off, meaning I switched to Paleo (with the exception of Christmas Day). Then started another Whole30 in January.  I lost another 8 pounds during the January Whole 30.   Now I want to share my tips, tricks, favorite recipes, favorite kitchen tools, etc. to help you with your goals!!  Stayed tuned!!