My Story


Thank you for taking the time to listen to me ramble!! I put this information in my story because it is how I got where I am today.

First, I am a Christian.  I believe in God.  I believe that he sent his son, Jesus.  I believe that Jesus was born, lived and died.  I believe that Jesus took the burden of my sins to the cross so that I could be forgiven.  I choose Jesus as my savior, I have been baptized and would love to share the love of Christ with all of you.   I will be posting words of encouragement, scripture, teachings from my church, and anything else God lays on my heart to share.  I hope he speaks to you!!

Yes, I am also a mom. I have 3 beautiful daughters. I have a set of twins girls and then God blessed us with another daughter almost 4 years later. Needless to say that did a number on my body, mind, sleep (or lack there of) and eating habits. I was in survival mode. It can be overwhelming. As moms we put our needs aside because we have our kids, husbands, house, laundry, etc. to take care of. This is not ok!! We can’t neglect ourselves, moms!! Yes, we are taxi drivers, cooks, maids, laundry fairies, nose wipers, diaper changers, boo boo kissers. BUT…We are more than a mom!! We are women, sisters, friends, aunts, cousins, daughters, grandmothers, wives and so much more.  I will be posting tid bids about my family (nothing to personal…I like my privacy), I will share funny stories from when they were smaller, and encourage all you other MTAM’s (Moore Than A Mom’s) out there.

Yes, I am also a foodie. I love to eat and cook.  Baking is my favorite!!  I thought I would have to give it up if I chose to eat Paleo and Whole30.  MY MISTAKE…there are plenty of decadent things I can bake while staying healthy.  As I mentioned before I have a set of twins and a younger daughter.  My girls are older now (all teenagers) but I was still making excuses about the way I looked or how I ate. When the honest truth was/is “I am an emotional eater” and a self proclaimed CHOCOHOLIC!! I let things get way out of hand and something had to be done. I completed my first Whole30 in September of 2016 and my second January 2017. I am only half way to my goal but enjoying the journey and the way I feel. (check out my Whole30 post for more details).  I will be posting Whole30 and Paleo recipes with the exception of a few Special Occasion treats (totally not Paleo or Whole30….just because).

Hope you enjoy!!