Whole 30 / Paleo on the GO!!

Whew!!  We have been busy!  We have had prom for the twins and winter guard competitions out of state.  We drove 3hrs to a competition this past Saturday and back all in one day.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE winter guard.  (if you don’t know what it is…google it.  It is a cross between dance and color guard).  It is so fun to watch these girls work together and throw flag, rifle, and sabre up in the air and catch them while doing choreography.  I am so proud to say our teams got 1st place.  However, it was a long day…we didn’t get home until about 1:30 am.

I thought I would share with you all how I manage to stay on track when we are busy, out of town, and faced with restaurants or concession stand food.  To be honest, it really isn’t that difficult.  Yes, I had to pack a cooler to make it happen, but that is just being prepared.  As my husband says stick to the 5 P’s.  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

So that is what I did…planned ahead!!!  I bought THESE cute and convenient disposable containers from Wal-Mart. (my store has 3 different sizes…I got all 3)

I put some ghee in a small one, some homemade ranch salad dressing in a medium one, and carrots in a large one.  I also packed my veggie dip, some grapes, an apple (already cut with a rubber band – still turned a little brown) and some shredded plain chicken.  In my purse I had a larabar and bottle water.  So here is how I made it work.

When we got in town, we stopped at a Wendy’s to eat.  ( remember I have 3 kids and I am the only one eating healthy).

I ordered a plain baked potato and a water.  I added some of my ghee, salt and pepper and ate some of my grapes.

During the dinner break we decided to go to a restaurant.  Thankfully, they had grassfed hamburgers.  I ordered the hamburger with tomato, lettuce, onion and pickle (no bun) and gave my fries to my kids.  I poured some of my ranch dressing over the burger and it was delicious.  Had some carrots and finished the grapes.

Now for the long ride home with teenagers.  We didn’t leave the competition until about 10:00pm and had a 3hr drive ahead of us.  Of course the teenagers were hungry, so we stopped and got them some food so I ate a larabar (THIS is my new favorite)to keep me on track.

Even though my family isn’t doing this with me they have been very supportive.  They don’t complain about having to find places I can make a meal, or that I bring my own food into restaurants.  Big purses come in handy!!

Hope this helps those of you that may travel a lot and were trying to figure out how to make it work.  There are many other things you can do as well.  This is just one day in my busy, away from my kitchen, life.