Whole30 Tips

Hello and Happy Weekend!  I am gearing up for my 3rd round of Whole30 and thought I would share some tips, tricks, and prep ideas.

First thing…READ about Whole30 HERE.  Make sure you print the following documents:

  • The Whole30 Shopping List
  • The Whole30 Common Additives Cheat-Sheet
  • The Whole30 Meal Template
  • The Whole30 Guide to Grocery Shopping
  • The Whole30 Seasonal Produce Guide
  • Whole30 Pantry Stocking Guide
  • Whole30 Guide to Sneaky Sugars
  • Whole30 Good Meat Guide
  • and more…  HERE

I know it seems like a lot of information but most of it is common sense.  The rest, well that is why you print the documents for reference!!

Now here is a little about my first Whole30.  First DONT MAKE THIS HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE!!  There are tons of websites and food bloggers out there with beautiful pictures of delicious food and the recipe to go with it!  I think they are genius and brilliant at their jobs!  However, I need easy, fast and delicious.   Don’t get me wrong some of their recipes fit this criteria (make those) but some do not.  Maybe I am just intimidated by the fancy food photos and ingredients!?!

I will be the first to say I was scared when I did my first Whole30.  I have 3 kids (teenagers) and a husband, none of which jumped on board.  They supported and encouraged me but didn’t participate!  So not only did I have to cook dinner for a family of 5 (only 1 on Whole30) but I was also faced with the fact that I don’t like coconut!  This scared me because so many recipes called for coconut oil, coconut cream or coconut milk.  Guess what…I survived!  Not only did I make it through my first Whole30, but I kept going and it ended up being a whole78.   I say this to tell you YOU CAN DO IT!!

Here are some tips for a successful round!!

  1. Kitchen Gadgets – these 3 things helped me and I say they are a must!!!  Immersion Blender, Spiralizer, silicone muffin pan.
  2. Meal Plan & Food Prep – SO IMPORTANT!!  Pick a day to prepare for the week.  Have your meals planned out and go ahead and prep as much as you can.  Sunday has always been my meal prep day!! (A whole post to come about Meal Prep)
  3. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.  This process will reveal all sorts of habits and food addictions that you may not have admitted before.  Own it, admit it, and release it.  Don’t let those bad habit and food control you!  YOU GOT THIS!
  4. Social Media – join, click, follow, friend, and like all the Whole30 things!!  Instagram – follow Melissa Hartwig, Whole30 recipes.  Facebook – join Whole30 groups (there are many).  These are great sources for encouragement and recipes!!

Now if you are pumped and want to give this Whole30 thing a try or you are ready for another round, let’s go!!  I will be documenting my September Whole30 here on the blog.  Including some of my meal plans and recipes!!

Here we go!!